The Nimue product range was initially developed in 1994 aimed at the medical market for pre and post operative application as well as for advanced results orientated skin rejuvenation treatment by skin care therapists. Nimue has since evolved into a globally recognized brand, primarily amongst leading skin care salons for it`s innovative formulations and cutting edge technology based on the effective combination of exceptional ingredients with scientifically proven delivery systems.
Nimue is primarily focused at improving and maintaining a healthy skin. Many common skin conditions such as excessively oily, dry skin or combination skin is often diagnosed and treated in isolation without lasting results. Nimue takes into consideration the many factors resulting in excessively oily, dry and other unhealthy skin conditions.

Nimue’s unique dual combination of at-home routine and professional treatments delivers a continual, comprehensive combination of active ingredients, brilliant textures and unparalleled results.

  • Environmental Skin
  • Problematic Skin
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Interactive Skin

Nimue’s years of research and innovation by some of the worlds leading scientists in the fields of skin chemistry and dermatology, has resulted in the development of a highly advanced range of skin care products and professional treatment programs.
As indicated for:

  • The treatment of Environmentally Damaged skin
  • The treatment of Hyperpigmented skin
  • The treatment of Problematic skin
  • The treatment of Sensitised skin
  • Assisting in restoring skin health
  • Assisting in optimising and maintaining healthy skin
  • Assisting in the prevention of premature damage and aging

What you can expect:

  • A reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increased skin firmness
  • Younger healthier looking skin
  • Increase of the skins natural radiance and vitality
  • Improved overall skin tone
  • Decrease of skin blemishes
  • Regulation of excessive oiliness
  • Alleviation of excess dryness
  • Improved overall skin health and functionality

Your choice:

  • World renowned for its advanced treatment skincare technology
  • Multi-Award Winning skincare
  • Unique concept
  • Results Focused
  • Unique packaging
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Free of mineral oil or lanolin
  • Free of artificial fragrance
  • Free of formaldehyde
  • No animal testing

Nimue is a multi award winning treatment skincare range. The Nimue team takes pride in the contribution and achievements they have made within the skin care industry, this bears testimony to the dedication, the hard work, passion and talent, which is the essence of Nimue.

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