Vitaderm was launched in May 2001, exclusively to the beauty therapy industry.  Almost a decade later, the range has more than 170 stock items, including a comprehensive SPA range.

Vitaderm is a results orientated range that combines the latest advances in ingredient research with natural plant extracts and essential oils to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits.
The advanced multi-active formulations, incorporating botanical and fruit acid actives, are able to address specific conditions to ensure a radiant complexion.
Vitaderm is committed to producing a range of products that does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Vitaderm is always striving to become as natural as possible and adheres to a cruelty-free product testing policy.

  • No Animal Testing.
  • No Animal Derivatives are used.
  • No Petro-Chemicals like mineral oil – due to the fact that it causes dehydration and skin congestion with long-term use.
  • No drying SD-Alcohol.
  • No harsh Synthetic Fragances.
  • No dehydrating Chemical Colourants.
  • No harsh Sodium Lauryl Sulphate content.
  • No Preservatives used in Complexes and Enviroshields.
  • Lowest levels of Preservatives used in emulations. (0.028%)

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